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the longest drive part two

After crossing the Canadian mainland I had just a couple of days left before catching the plane YYZ to DUS. I took the night ferry from Sydney to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and spent another day in the Car crossing that amazing Island.

Arriving in St. John’s late at night I found a nice place to spend the night.. as I noticed in the morning I slept at the most easterly point of Canada, Cape Spear. The morning walk around the cape  was unbelivebly cold, but as the sun slowly made it’s way through the dense cover of clouds I guess I was able to make some of the nicest photographs of the whole journey..

So what do I take from the drive? As I said before, Canada is a freaking HUGE country. Especially if you cross it touching the ground. Hitchhiking into Canmore, in the Rockies I met someone who walked all the way, St. John’s to Tofino. Took him 10 Months. I can only imagine what an amazing trip it must have been.. Then it’s a pretty diverse and beautiful country! Mountains, lakes, prairie, oceans, islands, huge cities with lots of traffic, then again that vast emptiness with no one else around, awesome, friendly and helpful people. There’s so much to explore, you better start now!

Some statistics of the drive.

9days — 6742km — 370 l of gas — about 90 hours driving — 8 Provinces — AB – SK – MB – ON – QC – NB – NS – NL — 1000s of lakes — only 1 Moose — 5 elk — about 17 Coyotes — 2 wolfs — again no bear.. i think they’re just an invention of some marketing agency.. nowhere to be seen


the longest drive

Getting back to catch my plane in Toronto was a bit of a journey.. David from Hittheroad.ca offered me a ride I just could not resist. Picking up a car in Edmonton, Alberta and driving it all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland. Yes, you’ve heard it right.. to the most easterly point of Canada. 6500km !

I ended up picking it up in Fort McMurray, deep in the Oil fields of northern Alberta and the fun began. Driving about 12 hours every day for about 7 days and then slowing down a little in eastern Canada. I can tell you now, Canada is a BIG Country!

So heres the first part of the drive, Alberta – Halifax.

I might add some more words later 😉