Shoal Bay

my dear followers,

it has been a while since my last post here and some of you might be interested in what i’ve been up to in the past weeks.
I just returned from my little island adventure, waiting for the ferry to Vancouver while writing these lines..

I took the ferry to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island about four weeks back an then hitchhiked up to Campbell River. And while being lucky getting a lift just off the ferry, i was not so lucky leaving my camera in that first car. I’m sure everyone can imagine how unhappy I was about knowing to spend my time in that small paradise without a camera. So now there wont be too many photographs of my time up there, but fortunately I could borrow a camera for a day up there, so there will be some.
Plus my other big fortune is that I was able to get in touch with Varena and Charlie, and they were able to drop the camera off in Vancouver.

Well.. to get to the more interesting part.. how did i spend my last four weeks?

For a couple of hours work a day I was able to stay at a wonderfull cabin at Shoal Bay, right at the pacific and got fed almost like a king. The work was mostly weed wacking, mowing lawns, making firewood and taking care of all those tourists stopping by on their boats. As my parents know, things I do all the time back home as well 😉 .. Apart from me there were four to six other volunteers doing whatever work was comming up in exchange for free moorage on the dock. And over the last years there have been lots of people volunteering and putting lots of effort and creativity into the place what makes the place a peace of art itself. But you’ll figure that out when looking at the photographs I was able to lend a camera for a day.
Apart from the work there was always lots of time for hiking up to the lookout and old minesites, exploring the bay and mainland on Gregs kajak or jetboat, relaxing in the sun, and good conversations on the beautiful frontporch of the pub.

To make it short I hade a wonderfull few weeks on that remote Island!
Thanks everyone for that great adventure!


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