Vancouver it is.. since about a week now a have been staying at the “bat cave”. A wonderful couchsurfing temple in Renfrew Heights, Vancouver. And it is a busy temple.. i would guess about 5 couchsurfers per night on average, plus the 8 lovely permanents.. A multicultural house, aussie, maxican, canadian, german, britain, french, dominican republic..

Vancouver itself seems a touch too big and too rainy to live here. At leasst for me. It is a nice city though.. pretty accessible by skytrain if you’re lucky to live close to a station. If not, you can still fall back onto the bus but that seems to be a time demanding option. I guess riding the bike is a good option, assumed you have one..

Anyway, I’m enjoying my time at stanley park, at the Vancouver Internationan Jazz Festival, walking along false creek, having free dinner at the sikh temple, climbing roofs or playing basketball and football with the host “family”.

And the plan for the upcomming weeks has become more certain. I’m going to spend some weeks “working” in paradise. On some Island in between Vancouver Island and the mainland. About 40-50km boatride from Campbell River. If anyone’s in the area, just come by and say hello.. (
So I think there’s some great time ahead of me..


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