first steps in British Columbia

The cold days it seems are finally over. After crossing the Rockies again on the #1 I finally got into British Columbia. Supposedly the most beautiful province of Canada. And I have to admit it does seem to be true. I’ve spent the last week in the Okanagan area. First couchsurfing at a lovely Family, the von Holst’s in Coldwater, close to Vernon. And am now couchsurfing in Kelowna. Spending my days hiking in the mountains that really remind me of those back home and at the beaches along the lake.

My plans are somewhat changing at the moment. I might not yet go down the coast to San Francisco, but enjoy some more of the summer up here. But more about that when I’ve made a final decision there..

Thank you so much for all your e-mails! I’m sorry not to be able to respond to all of you! They are greatly appreciated!



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